2. I’m losing faith in this fandom


    Please reblog this if you’re a rational and sane Sebastian fan who doesn’t care if he’s currently dating someone or is completely single. You just want the best for our Seb and you want to see him happy!

    I can’t be the only one feeling like this

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  3. lokislysander:

    When Alexander Pierce tells Bucky his work has been a gift to mankind:


    When Bucky asks who Steve was and says “But I knew him” in that broken voice:


    When Pierce just slaps him:


    When he says to wipe Bucky and start over:


    How I feel about Alexander Pierce in general:





  4. bonesbuckleup:

    Look, if that tweet about Sebstan being in AoU is legit, we’re going to be reading about how his trainer was shot by a sniper any second now.

  6. lumos5001:

    do you wanna be a hero
    come on let’s save the day
    i never see you any more
    come out the door
    it’s like you’ve gone away

    we used to be best buddies 
    and now we’re not
    i wish i understood why

    do you wanna be a hero
    you don’t have to be the bad guy

    go away Steve

    okay bye….

  8. tomhazeldine:

    I just really like this gif set cause he looks hella cute when he smiles and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh x

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    Holy shit he’s the most beautiful creature in the whole of creation, noone should be allowed to have such big big eyes, he’s distracting, this is really upsetting… there will be rioting and blood, Sir, you need to stop!

    cosmic-smurf wine-and-roses I’m leaving this so you can share my frustration…